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Planting Details - Irrigation
•  2 Irrigation bubblers (DWG, PDF)
•  3 Irrigation bubblers (DWG, PDF)
•  4 Irrigation bubblers (DWG, PDF)
•  Backflow cage (DWG, PDF)
•  Ball valve 3" and smaller (DWG, PDF)
•  Ball valve 4" and larger (DWG, PDF)
•  Backflow prevention device (DWG, PDF)
•  Irrigation bubbler (DWG, PDF)
•  Bubbler on swing joint (DWG, PDF)
•  Bubbler on riser (DWG, PDF)
•  Grounding rod (DWG, PDF)
•  Electrical pull box (low voltage) (DWG, PDF)
•  Master valve and flow sensor (DWG, PDF)
•  Flow sensor (DWG, PDF)
•  Gate valve and anchor (DWG, PDF)
•  Gate valve with flanged ends (DWG, PDF)
•  Hydrometer (DWG, PDF)
•  Battery operated controller with pedestal (DWG, PDF)
•  Solar powered controller with pedestal (DWG, PDF)
•  Master valve (DWG, PDF)
•  Pedestal mounted controller (DWG, PDF)
•  Hunter XC-hybrid controller on 4' pole (DWG, PDF)
•  Pipe beneath pavement (DWG, PDF)
•  Pop up-spray head (DWG, PDF)
•  Quick coupler valve (DWG, PDF)
•  Remote control irrigation valve (DWG, PDF)
•  Rotor sprayhead (DWG, PDF)
•  Root watering system (DWG, PDF)
•  Swing joint (DWG, PDF)
•  Thrust block (DWG, PDF)
•  Irrigation trenching (DWG, PDF)
•  Valve box layout (DWG, PDF)
•  Wall mounted controller (DWG, PDF)

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